Handmade In Clarksville and Fort Campbell

If you are located in the Clarksville, TN & Fort Campbell. TN/KY area and want to BST (Buy, Sell and Trade) Handmade goods and items check out my Facebook Group.  It’s called Handmade in Clarksville & Fort Campbell.  We also post tutorials and info about upcoming events for local Artisans and consumers.  You can get to the group by searching the name in Facebook or by clicking this link right here —–>  https://www.facebook.com/groups/HandmadeInClarksville/  I can’t wait to approve your membership request!!

Examples of Goods/Items Sold

  • Hand Painted Canvases and Furniture
  • Sewn and Crocheted Blankets
  • Home Decor (such as curtains, table cloths, ironing board covers, etc.)
  • Soaps and Bath Bombs
  • Personalized Holiday Gifts
  • Solid Wood Furniture
  • and much much much MORE!

If you can craft it you can sell it!